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We proudly introduce our Partners.


Our Past Partners.


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We know the reality that surrounds us; therefore we can work to improve it from the inside: identifying, educating, and encouraging leadership.

Partner With Us

  • For Corporate Sector
    KFCSED believes in the high potential of corporate social responsibility in Kazakhstan, convinced that part of the country’s progress relies on what the corporate sector can do for it. We are always ready to partner with any private institution that is concerned about Kazakhstan’s social development and is willing to cause positive impact. Our completed projects could not have been successfully concluded without the support of many companies.

  • For NGO Sector
    We are fully convinced that uniting forces leads to effective results. Throughout our trajectory, we have partnered with more than 20 local as well as international organizations through which we have had the opportunity to grow professionally and institutionally. We always look forward to partner with any organization that is moved by the same issues as we are.

  • 5 reasons to become our partner!!
    • We know the reality that surrounds us. We can work to improve it from the inside: identifying issues, educating, and encouraging leadership.
    • Experience and professionalism
    • Intergrity and transparency
    • Success and trust with past partners
    • Experience with public institutions

    • Interested in partnering with us? Don't hesitate to contact us!


    You can contribute to Kazakhstan’s social development with your donations! Help us fulfill our mission by supporting our social projects or helping us become more sustainable. Donate online* or through money transfer to support our institutional development, or the project of your choice.

    • Support our social projects.
      With your contribution we will be able to reach more people around Kazakhstan and move them to realize that they can really make a difference in their communities. Learn about the social issues and the way we address them, and get involved!

    • Help us be more sustainable!
      KFCSED is an independent organization that relies mostly on funding from individual donors, foundations, and corporations. With your support, we will be able to grow in order to increase our productiveness in delivering our programs and addressing social issues.

      • *Donations are processed by WorldPay, a leading provider of electronic payment services. A receipt is provided for all successfully processed donations.

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