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Kazakhstan the way we see it

Kazakhstan is a country of ethnic and cultural diversity, with 131 nationalities, including Kazakh, Russian, Uyghur, Uzbeks, Ukrainians and Tatars. It has a population of 17 million, of which about 63% are Kazakhs.

After 20 years of its independence from the Soviet Union, the social structure of Kazakhstan is still severely marked by deep class divisions: the rural population perceives access to economic progress and social promotion as a distant reality, while the youth from the urban areas, ignorant of the social problems lurking in other parts of the country, is educated under the standards of a modern society equivalent to that of the more developed countries.

The economic crisis of 2007 and the lack of a paternal role in most families have urged rural women to enter the labor market, citing the fact of the need to generate income in order to support their families. Most rural young women lack the proper education required for the kind of employment of medium income, which is why most often remain in unemployment. The inability to access education shuts them inside a spiral of poverty that affects the entire family and their communities.