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Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural, Social and Educational Development (KFCSED) was founded in Almaty, Kazakhstan, in December 1999, with the goal of implementing social initiatives in order to encourage women’s development.

Through training programs in different areas, KFCSED aims to strengthen women’s role in Kazakhstan society. Since its foundation, KFCSED has had the opportunity to work with government institutions, non- governmental organizations and private companies for the joint implementation of their projects.

Message from Our President

Welcome to KFCSED website and thank you for visiting us!

We seek to share what we have been doing and still do for improving the lives of all Kazakhstan women, and especially those most vulnerable, and their families. Through these pages, we wish each of you to get involved in such social initiatives wherever you are! Because you can make a difference!

Since 1998 KFCSED works with volunteers, friends, partners and beneficiaries for the improvement of our society. We believe that every person –endowed with a unique set of talents- can make an unrepeatable contribution to it. During these 15 years, KFCSED developed such many projects to spread a culture of volunteerism and social initiative not only on urban places, but also within the most vulnerable regions of this immense country. Moreover, in 2012, KFCSED achieved the creation of Kumbel Training Center - a leading institution that promotes professional growth and personal development to young women helping their work insertion in the hospitality sector.

Now, KFCSED is enthusiastic to strengthen its work in Kazakhstan society. By means of engaging the new generations in volunteering projects, delivering professional and life trainings to rural women at Kumbel Training Center and raising social awareness through the social networks, KFCSED seek to teach young women how to become leaders of their own communities, to thrive in excellence and the contributions that they can make. We also strive to raise awareness among the private sector, seeking for partners’ commitment to the social development of the country they are based in.

Finally, I thank every beneficiary, volunteer and partner because I have learnt a lot from each one of them, from every project we have implemented and from every initiative we have carried out. I am sure that we can make a difference!
president KFCSED

Our Mission

We are a private non-profit organization that undertakes social initiatives and provides capacity building training programs to contribute to the development of civil society in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Our Vision

We believe that Kazakhstan’s civil society can be strengthened by making women the main actors of their own development and examples for their communities, engaging them in constructive social initiatives that address issues with a positive approach.

Our Values

  • To build human capacity among citizens, contributing to their personal development, in attention to their individual freedom
  • To address issues with a positive approach
  • To create lasting social impact at one step at a time
  • To promote human dignity
  • High professionalism in all our operations
  • Transparency
  • To promote the values of citizenship and social responsibility among the Kazakhstan youth

KFCSED in Numbers

    KFCSED in numbers

A Little Bit of History

Since its foundation, KFCSED has focused much of its efforts on organizing training activities for women of all ages and social strata. In the early years, KFSCED contributed to the strengthening of the Irtysh Cultural Center which now has its own legal framework and develops educational and cultural programs for women in the Almaty region.
In 2005 KFCSED has begun implementing development projects in low-income regions remote from urban centers, with grants from a number of international organizations, such as: The European Union, ICEP and the Austrian Development Agency. Since then, NGOs from different countries (Spain, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland and Japan) collaborated with KFCSED, which has developed the required competencies to perform the management, implementation and evaluation of these initiatives with precision and professionalism.
For more than 10 years, KFCSED continues exerting its efforts to create a culture of volunteerism and solidarity among young people from different cities of Kazakhstan. The Foundation promotes activities in which students are given the opportunity to identify social problems, and are provided with the required tools to address them.
In addition, the experience and knowledge of the women’s situation in rural areas motivated KFCSED a major initiative in 2008: the creation of a vocational center to train disadvantaged women. During the construction of the property, KFCSED conducted additional training courses for students and teachers in collaboration with specialists of different schools from the service sector. KUMBEL Training Center was opened in Almaty, 2012.