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We Can Make a Difference:

We Can Make a Difference

Comprehensive trainings for rural women

Capacity building trainings:

Comprehensive trainings for young women with low income, with a focus on employment placement. Upon the completion of the project, students will attain a deeper theoretical and practical knowledge, leadership skills and the capacity to share their knowledge and experience to others. They will also hold direct contact with future employers, facilitated by meetings with representatives of the business sector. The project will positively contribute to student’s successful career development.
Capacity building trainings

Evaluation of Education Quality (2010):

Surveys, interviews with focus groups and a detailed research of the quality of the trainings provided to young women with low income in public educational institutions
Evaluation of Education QualityEvaluation of Education QualityEvaluation of Education Quality

Creating Kumbel Center (2008-2012):

Construction of Kumbel Professional Training Center to provide complementary trainings for women with low income in the area of hospitality services and to facilitate their employment placement.
Creating KUMBEL center 08-12Creating KUMBEL center 08-12

Promoting solidarity

Ayaz-Ata (2010-2011)

The project aimed for the social integration of disadvantaged children as well as to provide consulting to their families. The first phase consisted in providing New Year’s gifts to disadvantaged children who are not able to leave their homes. Volunteers visited their houses, handed gifts, entertained the children and talked with their parents. The second phase was an outdoors event for the same children and parents, where they were provided the opportunity to enjoy fresh air, games, music, entertainment and a roundtable with professional consultants for parents. Parents sought out ways to unite and form an association to support one another and improve social measures for disadvantaged children.

Volunteering programs (2007-2010)

Trainings of Trainers on civil responsibility and social initiative, and implementing social projects in different rural communities.
Volunteering  programs

Women empowerment (2005-2007)

Trainings of Trainers in the areas of leadership and democracy.
Women empowerment