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Story of Bazarbaeva Akbota Alihanovna

Since childhood our father taught us to work hard and acquire knowledge, saying that as long as there is knowledge and work, everything will be all right. He believed in me and said I was wise and will achieve much in life. This greatly raised my self-esteem and still gives me the strength to move forward! Our father gave us a good example through his personal experience: he was one of the best surgeons of the area, for 8 years served as a deputy of the district and then as the Regional Maslihat, for 13 years was the director of a hospital. He was also engaged in peasant farming, and with great success extended the quantity of livestock by a large number. He always had a lot of interesting ideas in mind, and carried them out with good results. He taught us since our childhood days, entrusting us different tasks, which helped me learn to take risks and dream big. In the last days of his life, he began to teach me more actively and his trust in me increased. It is what is called "the power of expectations". So he taught me a lot of things, although the risk was very serious. Over a year after, I lost my father; it was a very difficult time for our family. But in that short period I learned so many things.

I grew up in the countryside, and we didn’t have any dancing clubs, language schools, etc. I always wanted to become a professional dancer, a national champion, learn foreign languages, and develop my potential. Since there were no professional trainers, I became a "self-learner”. With this desire I went on to study in our main metropolis and immediately started attending aerobics. Later on I was selected for the aerobics team of the Kazakhstan National University. For 3 years I did aerobics and even became a champion of KazNU. I studied ballet, folk dancing and taught these for 8 years. I learned English at the university and Spanish at the Irtysh Cultural Center (which was a project of KFCSED), where I discovered what became for me the “school of life”.

I decided to learn Spanish with the desire to develop my talents, abilities and self-realization. Thanks to the Spanish lessons, I got acquainted with the Irtysh Cultural Center and the activities of the Kazakhstan Foundation for Cultural, Social and Educational Development. As I attended the Spanish courses, I learned about the Foundation’s recent project, "Human Rights, Women's Rights," which was supported by the European Union. On a competitive basis, I became a member of this project. This was the beginning of my awakening in the way to volunteering. At the end of the project we were asked to conduct workshops for the beneficiaries in universities. But since I grew up in a rural area, I had the idea to hold seminars in my village. Then I began to wonder about the young people in rural areas. Indeed, such youth needs more awareness of human rights, rather than the youth living in the urban area, where there are more opportunities. We were able to carry out these valuable workshops in the village of Aktogai in many organizations and schools.

Then I was invited to work as an assistant to project coordinator for the Foundation’s next project, "Strengthening the Role of Women in Society", with the support of an Austrian NGO. Through this project I learned how to manage my time, be more organized and proactive, acquired public speaking skills, and lots more. KFCSED for me is the main school of life and professionalism. I used to think only about myself and my career; I could not find my true purpose. After working for these projects I started to think about our youth, especially those living in rural areas. Before my acquaintance with the Foundation, I ignored the existing problems in our country, thinking that that is the way it should be. But when my colleagues from the Foundation began to explain me the difference, I was able to see our country from the top, from the outside, and saw a lot of gaps and challenges. I felt like waking up to reality, and felt bad for my people. This is when I started to think about what I could do to improve society. I thought that short workshops could be easily forgotten. That is how I came up with the idea to select at least one rural area and constantly work with its inhabitants, since quality is more important than quantity. My colleagues from KFCSED are using this principle so far, and I'm glad that they are still active, because they work a great deal for our benefit, which results can be seen on how they have changed the lives of many people. They surely changed my life. I specialized in international law, but I found my true destiny as a sociologist, a psychologist and a social volunteer.

After that I worked on various projects in the field of education, and after marriage and giving birth to our children, I began to work on projects on family matters, education and family therapy. Family became the second school of life. And now I know exactly what I aspire to be: my purpose in life is to be useful to my family and society. Maybe this is why I became a director of the Union of Rural Youth in Almaty and a member of the Council of Youth Policy under the Mayor of Almaty.

Family comes first for me. My husband Maxat, a modest, but wise and calm man, always supports my ideas and projects. I think God knows which partner is the most adequate for each person, and that is why He gave me a husband who not only favors my gifts and abilities, but enables me to implement them and believes in me, and goes wherever I go. We have two children: a beautiful girl and a sweet boy. We really want to bring them up properly and try to learn more about education from books, visiting seminars and consulting professionals. When you know the correct instructions on education, it gives the freedom and grace that helps make the whole family happy and without too much stress. Our dream is to educate our children properly, in love, and create all conditions for their development and recreation, to provide them a good childhood and a bright future!

Of course, it takes to make a good deal of money. So in the last 3-4 years I have been running my own business. I had no idea that this would be our main income. Especially after the loss of my father, I began to actively analyze and try different types of businesses. I got engaged in the wholesale supply of horses and sales of meat for 2-3 years, and strive to continue. We started this business with my father, which is why it is especially dear to me. For the last 4 years, I have also been engaged in selling clothing, textiles, and in Kazakhstan's first brand of bed linen, among others. We currently have chain stores and are working with Turkish and Chinese suppliers.

The most interesting thing that I have realized over the years is that you can always find a lot of job opportunities even if you lack capital to get started, or connections that could facilitate you. If you try hard, you will always encounter opportunities and successes. Our great Abay also said: "The wisdom and labor like wings will lift thee." As long as you have knowledge and work, everything will be all right!Go back to Success Story

Bazarbaeva Akbota Alihanovna
Born in 1985